Randall Max Yaw
Randall Max Yaw


The metal sculpture of Randall Max Yaw has been exhibited and collected in a wide range of public and private venues. Exploring the application of artwork to site-
specific architectural environments has been of particular interest to the artist.

Originally, as part of the 1995 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, figurative
elements were combined with furniture design. Subsequent projects for Hermes of
Paris have included three-dimensional interpretations of the equestrian studies of
Leonardo da Vinci; and a series of life-size metal horses based on the photography
of Eadweard Muybridge.

With an emphasis on figurative and equestrian imagery, the artists’ work explores
aspects of time, motion, and history. Through the use of three-dimensional “drawings
in space” and silhouetting, underlying patterns in nature are revealed; while abstract
geometric light sculptures refer back to the figure.